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Do You Like Coffee?

Great! I'll start by making us two cups from my favorite coffee roasters, Noble Coffee in Ashland, Oregon!

For the last 20+ years I've been collecting the best detailed information & tools in the worlds of health, longevity, productivity, focus, nootropics, goal setting & digital marketing. So I want to start sharing this life changing information with ALL my friends & this is the BEST way to get it out to you all!


I interview & write up short monthly newsletters on what tools I'm using, what additional new things I'm learning from other experts (and non-experts too), & sharing back with you the techniques & ideas that I think will make the most difference, in my life & yours.

Goals Do Come True

I'll help were I can with your productivity, digital marketing, health, & activating your goals. I do these things really, really well & I want to share with you the things that will make a difference immediately & for the future too.

So join me & a small group of friends with semi-monthly email updates by sharing your information below. (No Spam, EVER!)



Online Marketing Basics, Productivity Courses & a Goal Setting Plan that will 100% help you define & make steps to accomplish what you want to. These are all my best thoughts, ideas & tools taught from years of experimentation, training & experience.



Learn how to get found online & stand out to your potential customers. I've been a digital marketer for over 20 years, and will be able to help get more clients, resulting in more cash flow for you and your business. Let chat today!



Don't know were to start? Need some accountability? Do you need to gain crystal clear clarity of were you are going & what you want to accomplish? Let's chat for a bit and see if we would make a good team to GSD!

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